Building a new computer

So the time has come to start building a new computer as my current build is starting to show its age ( 6 years old). I can’t complain as it runs for like 16hrs a day if not longer and has been a solid build. I think it’s been so reliable due to the proper cooling I had installed into a Corsair 600T case. My AMD 1090T was always known for being a hot chip at 125W and the Corsair H50 did a sterling job of keeping it down to a reasonable 25c on idle and about 45-50c under load.  

I’ve decided to go with AMD’s Ryzen5 1600 CPU which comes with a highly reputable wraith cooler as this seems to be dominating Intel’s i5 processor. I don’t know what the new coffelake CPU’s will be like but being an avid AMD fan I’ll stick with AMD thanks!

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