Cumbria’s Commissioner Fight Against Cyber Crime

So recently I attended a free “cyber proficiency” course with several of my colleagues at St. Michael’s Church conference room in Workington. It was a very informative, informal course commissioned to Get Safe Online by Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, to deliver cyber safety and awareness training over the next three years…

Peter McCall said:”Cybercrime is a key threat to individuals, businesses and our communities alike and that is why I have funded Get Safe Online who are specialists in the field of cybersecurity. They will work with the three Community Safety Partnerships to deliver the programme across the county.

“More and more people live their lives online whether it be through their mobile phone, tablet or computer. This is changing the way that criminals target people. This new, exciting project is about people protecting themselves.”

I would recommend that everyone should attend one of these courses as it free and is delivered in a way that you can understand, everyone from the tech-savvy to a complete novice can learn from this, I certainly did!

Even if this isn’t quite right for you then I would strongly suggest you visit Get Safe Online’s website as it’s a great site and can give you some important hints and tips to stay safe online and more importantly how to protect your child(ren) whilst using the internet.

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