It’s been a while!


You know what life can be like all too well, you just seem to get wrapped up in things and before you know it several months have passed. I’ve been enjoying watching my daughter grow up and every day there’s something new for me to just look on in awe. Her reading is excellent and she is way ahead of others in her class. The other day she gave me a little card to tell me I was the best dad in the world, I did laugh as she said she didn’t have enough room.


I’ve also been dealing with some health issues but on a good note I’ve finally got my referral through so have been traveling down to my hometown of Liverpool as it’s the closest hospital that deals with it…typical has to be two and a half hours away!!!


Anyhow on a lighter note, I did fix my overheating issue with my ITX case. It was a rather easy fix and I made a little adapter plate so I could flip my AMD stock cooler fan round. So now it draws the air through the cooling fins and up through the fan and directly into the PSU exhaust fan. Gaming now is ideal and the temps are great…


Sadly after 6 great years of service I’ve now retired my Corsair 600T case as it’s seen better days and is looking very tired and battered. I’ve still got my old computer so I might invest in a cheap case and set it up as I reckon there could be fights on who gets on my computer next, namely my daughter lol. 


Ahh, I nearly forgot!  My faithful Sennheiser headset died a few weeks ago after many years of daily abuse so I went shopping on Amazon…

Now I don’t have a much money to spend as I used to so wasn’t very hopeful on finding a good cheap headset till I found these.

They were an absolute bargain!!! I paid £16.99 with Prime next day delivery. Initially, I thought wow these are big but let me tell you they are so comfy. and they sound brilliant. The mic was a surprise as several people commented how good I sounded. In a nutshell, I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a good cheap headset which does not break the bank and I reckon they will give the more expensive headsets a run for their money!

If you are interested in getting a pair here’s the link below:-


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Address Book