My new ITX build AMD Ryzen 1600

To Build my new Ryzen computer

So I finally got round to ordering my bits and instead of ordering with Ebuyer I went with CCL Computers, glad I did…

Unpacking my Delivery

For some unexplained reason Ebuyer decided to discontinue their Ryzen 5 range ( are they mad or just plain stupid?!? ). Anyhow I was put onto CCL Computers  and they were great! Pricing was decent and I got all my bits for £550 which is pretty good. Only downside was the motherboard turned out to be faulty but Joseph on customer support was a star and got me sorted out with a replacement.

So what did I get…

I wanted a compact computer as, to be perfectly honest, I was getting fed up of big towers taking up space. I looked at several ITX cases and decided to go with the CoolerMaster Elite 130 which looked a really good quality  case for the price and it didn’t disappoint. Plenty of points to cable tie and perform some really neat cable management with and drives were installed with ease via screwed rubber lugs which also aided in vibration damping. All in all the build process was a breeze.

I went with a Gigabyte board as my old computer also had a Gigabyte and that  had proved to be very reliable over the past 6 years. I had looked at several other ITX boards but went with the AB350N-Gaming WiFi after looking at numerous reviews which spoke highly of the board and the fact it had great features at a reasonable price.

I had pondered for several weeks over the CPU and trust me it turned out to be quite an ordeal as at one point I honestly couldn’t decide between Intel or AMD! In the end AMD won on so many factors… mainly though it came down to pricing, benchmark results, and the sheer amount of amazing reviews 

Well constructed motherboard

I’ve got to say the build quality was great and installing the cpu and cooler was a breeze. The ram modules clicked in really snuggly and the slots didn’t have that flimsy feel like on some boards! I went with 8GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 DDR4 ram as again I had the same make in my old computer. I kept it down to 8GB to conserve the cost but may, in the future, upgrade to 16GB.

960 EVO mounted on the underside

I thought the M2 socket on the underside was a great place to put it, no chance of it getting knocked or damaging the drive once the board was installed into the case. Oh and by the way… Those 960 EVO drives ARE as good as people say they are! My windows boots up in under 5 seconds so guess who’s a happy man? 🙂

Compact build

So this was the final pic of the motherboard mounted as I had to install the PSU which sits directly over the board and to be honest once that was installed you couldn’t see anything! I may open it back up and take a pic to show you how compact it is and of course my cabling skills lol!

To finish the build off I transplanted the Zotac 960 4GB ITX graphics card and the Corsair modular PSU from my old computer as they were ideal.

Silent running

So for anyone that’s interested I’ve included 2 screen grabs to show you the difference between my new and old computer. I haven’t overclocked either PC nor have I shut down every last app to squeeze that extra little bit of performance out of them. I feel when you do that you’re only kidding yourself as normally you’d have say Teamspeak or Discord open along with maybe several browser tabs, some programs running in the background, etc.

So the first one is from my new build


This one is from my old computer

 Old PC

 New PC

I ran it 3 times hence the 1 orange and 2 brown scores. Just shows how much a score can vary when you have several applications open. All in all you can see the Ryzen CPU is a great chip and currently retails at about £175 ( correct at the time of this post ).

Everything feels snappier and games are more responsive. I’ve only quickly tested video rendering but trust me it doesn’t dissapoint! Yeah I’m a happy man and it only cost £550 which is a bargain for any decent gaming rig.

Items Used in this build:-

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