Star Conflict

So I started playing this game back in September 2014 after playing several other space games and found it to be the most addictive! Even after clocking up over 1200 hours of game time I still enjoy playing it. Honestly for a “free to play” it’s great and I like the balance they have struck between the free players and those hoping to “pay to win”. OK, so the end result with paying is you can get some great little perks when you go for the “premium” option and you can get access to some great premium ships as part of their DLC packages. You’ll find the odds are always quite balanced with every ship having their own set of pros and cons so it’s not a simple case of putting the biggest guns and best shields on if you move like a slug.

All in all, it’s a great all-rounder so whichever option you go for you’ll find the game really enjoyable but take heed you need to “grind” to advance in the game. All you “5-minute wonder” players need not apply as this game requires commitment and in response, you earn some really great ships .

So a few months ago I stopped playing the game due to the devs messing with the way the hud looked etc. Sadly it’s took the shine off of the game and a lot of people have stopped playing it. I may come back to it in 6-12 months time to see if it’s any better. Though to be honest I had just logged in prior to adding this update to see if it was any better and….. nope still don’t like it!

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