Testing my new Ryzen build

Testing Too hot to handle…

OK so everything was going great until it came to playing Tom Clancy’s Wildlands. After about 15-20 minutes of intense play I noticed the fan running at MAX speed. Now at first I thought it was fine as my old build used to spin up the fans so just I naturally took it as the norm. Five minutes later my computer shut down. I quickly realised the comp had overheated and shut down to protect itself. I was in a panic and checked all the fans were installed the right way round. Everything checked out fine… So I started it back up, went into the fan application and set it to run on MAX all the time. I then started up the game and yup did the same again!

Moved everything into my old Corsair 600T Graphite gaming case.

SO my initial thoughts were sausage in a cement mixer as the board looked way too small to be in a case that size. Having said that everything is running quite nicely at approx. 25c with temps peaking at 35-40c which isn’t too bad for air cooled. Everything is ultra quiet now even whilst gaming.

So this is where I’m up to now and have just recorded a round of Co-op on Star Conflict with everything set to max and quite comfortably recording at 1080p60 without so much as a hint of a stutter and Discord working perfectly as you will hear both Andy and my dulcet tones as I blissfully play the game.

So what’s next…

I’d really like to go back to the ITX case but currently that’s not possible. I am going to have to invest in a smaller modular PSU, currently using my 1000w lol, say like a 600w which will be shorter in length. Also I will have to get a AIO CPU cooler as after looking at several YouTube videos they all use water cooling in the same case. I guess you learn the hard way….

I’ll keep you updated as and when I get those parts.

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