The Mobile Network with Charities in mind

TPO Mobile, also known as The People’s Operator, is a network quite different from the rest. Not only do you get a cheaper rate on a smartphone plan compared to the monthly bill from the usual crowd, but the carrier also pledges to donate 10 percent of your monthly bill to a charity of your choice.


What network does TPO Mobile use?

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) it relies on 3’s network for its service, which means you should get relatively solid performance around the UK. They boast  98.5% coverage but for those who are in rural or remote areas, it may be worth glancing at their coverage map to see where things stand.


What are the best TPO Mobile plans?

TPO Mobile offers a variety of plans, on 30 day sim only contracts ranging from £7.99 to £19.99 per month  depending on which package you select. They also offer Pay as you Go (PAYG) sims from £7.50 up to £20 bundles which give you a great allowance of calls, data, and texts. Not interested in bundles then go for the standard rate of 4p per min*, 3p per text and a great data rate of 2p per MB.

* Promotional rates for the UK

30-day rolling, SIM-only plans


PAYG Bundles


What special features does TPO Mobile offer?

This MVNO calls itself The People’s Operator for a reason: It wants to be a network with a conscience. When you sign up, you get to choose from among a variety of charities that will receive 10 percent of your bill.

The other main differentiator is that all of the plans are prepaid; when your data runs out, you can just add-on some extra megabytes and you’ll be back in the know! You can get 512MB data bolt-on for £3, 1GB of data for £5 or 2GB for £8. The billing though is a set 30-day cycle, which you can’t change once you have a plan going.

What phones can you use with TPO Mobile?

Any unlocked GSM or CDMA device will work with TPO Mobile. That means iPhones and most Android devices should be OK, as long as they’re not locked to a network. You can sign up on the TPO Mobile site to get your SIM card, and once it arrives, just pop it in your phone and activate service.

Bottom Line

TPO Mobile is seeking to be different with its charitable endeavours. By using the 3 network  it offers what should be a rather solid service and the promise of working with a phone that you already own.



I’ll be coming up on my first anniversary with TPO Mobile at the end of the month. To be fair they have been brilliant, even around Cumbria which is a nightmare for reception, so gotta give them 10/10.

My 10% goes to Cancer Research as it’s something close to me and my immediate family so yeah, go check them out sometime and if you’re fed up with your current mobile provider give them a whirl.

*Prices were correct at the time of posting this article. Always check with their website for up to date information as I cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies after the post date.